Friday, April 6, 2012

RAOK #36 - Someday I won't need these . . .

So far, these organs have served me well.  For you squeamish people, I didn't put a real heart picture up there because I couldn't find one that wasn't graphic.  You're welcome.

I used to really struggle with my mortality and the fact that someday I am going to die.  I'm still not terrifically fond of the idea of course and I'm hoping it doesn't happen anytime soon, especially before my 5 year old hits adulthood.  But what makes my heart quiet and my soul rest is the fact that I know what is happening to me after I die.  Not EXACTLY of course, I think God has a sense of humor and doesn't want to ruin the surprise by giving us too many details of the awe-inspiring events.  I do love surprises.

It seems a perfect day to post my RAOK, which I will discuss in a minute, because today is Good Friday.  However, in the wake of the Easter bunny and Cadbury eggs *love*, the true meaning of this weekend has been lost.  I've tried not to make my blog "preachy" because my husband used to be an atheist (he's now a die-hard Christian) and he says the "hit me over the head hard with the bible and 'religion' " approach always turned him off.  It was my soft way of discussing my thoughts and beliefs with him, non-judgmentally, that actually made him curious about Christianity and started him on a path that he's walking on now.  It has to be each man or woman's individual choice and I'm not trying to cram mine down your throat.

However, I didn't want to let Easter pass without sharing the "good news".  Jesus is real . . he walked this earth as a man . . . he was perfect and sinless and he willing went through terrible pain and separation from God his father in order that you and I might have our own sins and shortcomings forgiven and forgotten.  He rose in 3 days from the dead.  Scoff if you want to, but I know in my soul that it is true.  I've felt Him, I've connected, I'm His, and I know what is happening to my soul someday when I die. 

As far as my body, well, I'm not going to need it where I'm going.  So RAOK #36 was my act of becoming an organ donor.  I've always wanted to but I have now informed my family officially and sent a directive to my attorney (Hi, Troy!) to put a letter in my file with my will.  He did inform me that I should go to the donor registry in my state to make it "official".

I think the act of giving life to people who are ill with no hope of recovery has to be the greatest act of kindness there can be to them and their family.  So assuming I don't die of some stupid disease that destroys my organs, they will go to several desperate people who need a second chance and will hopefully use that second chance to carry on the RAOK.

Think about it . . donating. . . .your organs to humanity and your soul to Jesus.  I know it will change your life, and probably someone else's too. 

Happy Easter!

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