Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's my birthday! Did I do it????

The mission was to complete 46 Random Acts of Kindness by my 46th birthday weekend.

Did I do it?


I know a lot of you have been worried this last week as the posts slowed down to two a day and wondering if I was just totally going to blow off my goal.  If you know me at ALL, you know that doesn't sound anything like me ;)  Have a little faith . .

Since I only had 12 days to do 46 things, I have been scrambling!!  I realized a few days into it that I could either do all the RAOKS or I could write about what I was getting done, but not both and still hit the goal.  The blog writing and picture posting sometimes takes longer than actually doing the acts themselves.  (One of my friends told me "But the blog is actually a RAOK in and of itself".  Thanks!)  Also, I got thrown a curveball with a sick preschooler for 4 days this week and barely left the house until today!  So I had to "punt".  Some things I had planned had to be scratched and I had to do other things instead.

I also had a few people tell me that the posts were going up so fast that they could hardly keep up with all the reading and they wanted more time to reflect on what I was writing.

So I made a decision to focus on getting the 46 done and write 2 posts a day.  You have read up to RAOK # 24 at this point, but I have actually been way ahead of you since the very beginning.  As of right now I am done with 44 RAOKs and the other 2 are ready to go and just have to be executed today. 

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I report on what the other 22 RAOKs are, I think you'll really like some of them!!  Thanks again for your support!


  1. Happy Birthday Justina!!! I hope you are showered with RAOK all day!

  2. Happy Birthday,I hope you have a beautiful day. Remember today is your day, so don't forget to be kind to yourself. I hope you saved one RAOK for you. I love you. Jen

    1. Thanks sis! The house is furious with activity, not sure what they have planned but I'm not allowed ANYWHERE so I'm sure it'll be great ;) Love you!