Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RAOK #4 - Cart Courtesy

EEKS! This poor car owner!

I'd like to believe that I would have noticed this and done something about it regardless of whether or not I was on a mission to be intentional.  However, I am legitimately busy as many of us are, and sometimes that makes me distracted . . .and, um . . . even . . . self-absorbed. On a regular day would I have noticed this 3 rows over, moved my car, gotten out, and pulled these carts away and put them in the corral?  I hope so.  Would you have?
I also noticed some stranded carts in other areas of the parking lot and moved them too.

Going on a bit of a soapbox, what compels people to just abandon the cart they used in the middle of the parking lot when there are cart corrals in almost every row?  Really??  Of course we give grace to those with disabilities, people who are sick, moms with little babies in the car etc.  But for the rest of us healthy and hearty, what is the excuse?  Not only does some poor soul that works there have to walk all over God's half-acre, sometimes in the wind-rain-snow, but also fly-away carts do actual damage to people's cars.  Are we so in a rush, so busy, so important, that we can have so little regard for other people?  Hmmmmm.....


  1. Ah yes... one of my pet peeves. I believe it's starting to become one of Daniel's too. The other day as we were walking into Target a woman (in the first parking spot behind the handicapped) puts the cart in the handicapped spot! Daniel looks at me, I smile, and he says, "Hey, can I take that in the store for you?" The lady looked a bit sheepish, but beamed when he started making car screeching noises on the way inside. :-)

  2. What an awesome young man he is growing up to be. I can just see him "screeching" on the way in. And maybe next time the lady will walk her cart to the right spot ;) Nothing like being shown up by a 7 year old!