Thursday, March 8, 2012

RAOK #5 - "Believe in Yourself"

My daughter #2 is competing today and tomorrow at a Fine Arts Competition for several schools.  Teenagers are funny sometimes in their lack of self-confidence.  She's a beautiful girl with a pretty voice but I've seen the nerves the last few days.

To encourage her and her schoolmates, I assembled 30 breakfast treat bags for the kids to enjoy on the bus ride down to the competition.

Obviously, this isn't the most cost effective RAOK!  But, as it was pointed out to me, I could technically count this as THIRTY RAOK, couldn't I?  Just kidding!

"Healthier" snack options were chosen like fruit, cereals bars, and cheese crackers so the kids didn't have the sugar jitters on top of the performance jitters.  I also included a napkin and a fun little game that I picked up at Party City.  The ensemble was completed by loading up a couple of 12 packs of bottled waters onto the bus.

I wanted each kid to get a little boost of encouragement as they anticipated their competitions.  So I created some tags that said "Believe in  Yourself" and tied them with raffia onto the treat bags. 

I hope that this is a fun way for them to start their big day!
Here is the "Believe in Yourself" printable.  Right click on it, save as a picture in a folder on your computer, and then print it out on cardstock.  The second page I used as the "back" of the tag.  So print the first page, pull the paper out and put it back in the printer the other way, then print the second page.  It makes a nice two-sided tag.

Front Side of Tag

Back Side of Tag


  1. Girlfriend! You are amazing and inspriational and and and....
    I am here to remind you that you were RAOK'in before there was such a thing.

    I have a long and memorable list of things that you have done for me in the past...things that I shall NEVER forget...things that proved your heart and giving spirit tenfold.

    Just reminding you of the wonderful person that YOU are xox

    RAOK on Justina RAOK on!!

    1. Thank you so much for all of your VERY sweet words! I will never forget that you were the first person who reached out to me, a stranger in a new town, and made me feel welcome. Love you!

  2. Justina,

    I LOVE YOU, I lOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. You are such a wonderful sister. I have always looked up to you (I still do).What you are doing is truly inspiring. Although I know you are always performing RAOK in your everyday routines. This is a beautiful way to get others to stop and take a moment to think how one small gesture can really make a difference. I know when I go out today, I will be thinking about others a little more. You are my role model. I am blessed to have you in my life. You are an angel. ~ Jen

    1. Wow, your comments have brought me to tears. I didn't realize you felt like that and I hope I can always live up to it! You're a wonderful person and I love and miss you!!