Friday, March 9, 2012

RAOK #10 - What's the diff?

What's the diff, indeed?

RAOK #10 is I wrote a letter to someone who made a difference in my life somewhere along the way and I mailed it today (thank you, Google, for finding this person I have not seen in 30+ years so I could get his address.  Actually, that's a little scary.)  

Of course, there are many people to whom I owe such a letter and I hope to get around to writing those as well.  But... I had to start somewhere right?

So this is an ode to Mr. L, my middle school social studies teacher.  Mr. L was tough.  A lot of kids groaned when they heard that they were going to have him for a teacher.  There were other teachers in the department who were more fun, who wanted us kids to like them.  They tried to identify with us pre-teens by being funny and making things sort of "easy" for us.  Mr. L was not that guy. 

Mr. L is the guy who deserves to be remembered by the quote "sometimes the right thing is the hard thing".  He's the teacher that made a big enough impression that a former student (me, of course) who has remembered him for 34 years is writing him a letter to thank him for teaching me some important life lessons (although I was oblivious to that fact at the time). 

If you are enjoying this blog at all, you can thank Mr. L on some level. 

Without further ado, here's my Ode to Mr. L:

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