Saturday, March 10, 2012

RAOK #11 - You're kidding me!

One thing that I have discovered in doing my mission that has surprised me is how incredulous, doubtful, and confused people are when I do something nice for them for no reason.  On the particular acts where I have face to face contact with people, almost every time it has been met with total skepticism and usually with a look like I have suddenly grown two heads!

It makes me chuckle.  It also makes me feel a little blue. Apparently people doing nice things with no strings attached is so rare that no one really believes it.  A few times I have ended up over-explaining myself and getting awkward before people actually start believing that there is "no gimmick".  Using my RAOK cards (here) helps.

One of these incidences occurred yesterday.  I purchased a gift card at Walmart and put $5 on it. (Did you know that you can put ANY amount on a Walmart gift card and not just a pre-determined nice round number?  Good to know.)

My plan was to hand it to the person behind me.  Except, no one ever materialized behind me the whole time I was checking out!  So, I watched as I walked out the door and I picked a random lady. It took me approximately 4.37 minutes to explain to this woman that I was just giving her a $5 gift card.  I wasn't asking her to fill out a form, take a survey, or give me her first born grandchild.  I finally just handed her my RAOK card and said "read this".  As you can see from the picture, she finally 'got it'! 

Love that smile, lady, that's all I wanted! :)

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