Saturday, March 10, 2012

RAOK #12 & #13 - Quarterback

Nope.  This is not the Quarterback to whom I'm referring.  Although in deference to all my friends in Indiana, I offer my sincerest condolences on the loss of Peyton Manning to the Colts football team. 

Little known fact:  I, Justina, random peon, sat right next to Peyton on an airplane once.  I traveled enough at that time that I was almost always upgraded to first class.  I came onto the plane and went to my window seat and the guy sitting in the seat next to mine stood up to let me in.  TALL.  I could feel the energy in the air from the other passengers so I took a good look at him.  Uh, am I getting ready to sit next to Peyton Manning?  NO WAY.

So for about 90 minutes on the way to Memphis I was rubbing elbows, literally, with the most recognizable celebrity in Indianapolis.  We didn't talk much and I actually took pity on the guy because the other passengers just acted like total idiots!  He chewed Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum incessantly and his knees touched the seat in front of him even in 1st class.  He was reading paperwork from Tony Dungy and everything was done in initials. 
You know, FROM:  TD           TO: PM 

(Well of course I peaked over, you can't expect me not to have had ANY curiosity!)  So that was my brush with fame!  And since you know me, and I sat next to Peyton, well you can kind of say that you know Peyton....

I've totally digressed from my real topic.

Anyway, how many of us have change lying around?  In a jar, in the coin purse, hey even in the couch cushions.  I recruited the preschooler and we rounded up a bag of quarters.  I created this cute printable you are welcome to steal.  I actually loaded this up to Walmart One-Hour Photo and got 100 prints for 13 cents a piece.  It's cheaper than my printer cartridges at home and at Walgreens they have specials all the time (I would have had this printed for $8.75 total but their machine was broken.)

The babe and I took scotch tape and attached quarters to the cards and then we taped them up on the little toy machines for the kiddos to get a happy surprise!


The next RAOK came seconds behind when I noticed this on the counter by the cashier:

I don't normally put money in the things by the cashier because I'm a skeptic.  Do they really forward it on to the people that need it or do the employees empty it out at the end of the night and split it up?  (I know, it's rotten of me to think that way.)   But then I had an epiphany (def: "the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something".  Great word.)

It's not "on me" whether or not someone else does the right thing.  I did the right thing by putting my money in the holder.  I'm just responsible for my actions, not someone else's.  And, if the employees DID split the money up and take it home, I guess if they were that desperate that they stole a bunch of quarters, then have at it!

Give a quarter, feel good back.  Quarterback. 


  1. Love this:) You are AWESOME!!

    1. I knew people would dig the bow to Peyton :) Thanks girl!

  2. This is totally cool Justina! I can't wait to do RAOK with my son in the future, but of course I do them now already <3 I always feel that things return to you threefold, you know... what goes around comes around! I have shared clothes that were handed down to me for my son to my friends & just today my girlfriend returned the favor to me & it they were clothes for ME to wear! Awesome :)

    1. Thanks Shireen! I'm so glad I met you this year and I hope to get to know you even better. Neat story about the clothes, thanks for sharing!