Monday, March 19, 2012

RAOK #25 - Crafty goodness! Lucky day!

I'm back!  After a short hiatus for my birthday weekend, I am ready to get on with the business of sharing all of my fun RAOK that wrapped up my mission.  If you didn't see my earlier post, I did complete the 46 RAOKs by my birthday weekend as planned. (Yea!!)  However, I didn't have time to raise 4 children, do the RAOKs and write about them.  So I chose to raise the kids and get the RAOKs done and then write about them afterwards.  You will see the remaining 21 posts coming up here in the next few weeks.

My birthday weekend started out with Craft Club.  I moved here 4 years ago and knew no one. I figured out quickly that I was going to have to design opportunities to meet people so one thing I did was join a Moms' Group and offer to host a Craft Club. If you know me or read my profile, you know I absolutely love crafting and especially scrapbooking.  

It has become a monthly tradition that is one of my favorite things I do all month.  About one Friday night a month I gather up friends and we have A BLAST!  We share all our personal stories and we laugh so hard every time.  The hubs told me he's jealous and wants a Dad Group (his would be a Gun Club versus a Craft Club though) because he can hear us howling downstairs and having so much fun!

I scheduled the March Craft Club for the Friday before my birthday because we go until midnight (or after) and I knew that would ring in my birthday on a fun note.  The gals surprised me with a sweet card, a cake, and some delicious frozen custard from a local shop around here.  Yum!!  I surprised them with a RAOK - Is today your lucky day?

I gave them each a $2 scratch off lottery ticket.  Now, I personally don't play the lottery and hardly any of them do either.  The odds of winning the lottery are less than getting struck by lightning so I prefer just to keep my money.  Although my dad plays and he won $17,000 once on the Hoosier Millionaire show! But it is fun to scratch off the ticket and see if you won something.  Especially if someone else paid for the ticket!  It was great.  Did we have a winner?

Yep!  Congratulations to Julie, who won $20!  Woot woot!! I love Julie, she's just an awesome person, amazing mom, and so fun!

Here's the printable I made up to attach to the lottery tickets:

(By the way, in case of some of you astute readers are wondering, NO I am not writing and have never from the beginning written about my RAOKs in chronological order of when they were done for a number of reasons that are too boring to mention. It doesn't really matter, does it?)

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  1. lol, now if I can just take a minute from raising 4 kids and go cash it in!! Love you, friend :)