Sunday, March 25, 2012

RAOK #32 - Pizza for Patriots

I usually try to come up with some clever post title to entice you to come read my blog.  Today, I didn't have to because the blog post name is the company name!

While scanning the www for ideas for my RAOK mission, I ran across a company called Pizzas for Patriots.  I think everyone agrees that those in the military are our heroes as they make sacrifices daily that the rest of us really don't.  If they are deployed, many times they are barely afforded any basic comforts like sleeping in a delightful Tempur-pedic bed (every single night when I nestle in my bed under the covers I groan and say "I love my bed, I love my bed, I love my bed."  I am always so happy to see it!).   They may not get hot showers, they may be in miserably hot or cold conditions.... we all know the drill and we think about it and are thankful for all they do for our country.

What I never thought about though was how lonely it must get for them longing for the familiar comforts of home. . .  like pizza.

I'm not a pizza nut like my kids are, but if I haven't had a piece in a few weeks, I'll start wanting one.  Some of these guys and gals haven't had a real piece of pizza in MONTHS. . . and there are plenty of other foods that they enjoy at home that they are not getting in Iraq and Afghanistan for sure!

Pizza for Patriots is run by a retired military man and his wife.  They work with several pizza providers and arranged for DHL to tranport these pizzas to deployment areas like Afghanistan.  What a super great idea!!  I'm not sure how the pizza tastes after it goes from here to there, but I myself always like pizza better the second day anyway and I bet those guys don't care!!

You can make an online donation for any amount to help provide pizza for patriots, which I did for RAOK #32.  Someone somewhere far away will be enjoying a piece of pizza with my name on it (figuratively of course)!  And the next time I eat pizza, I will remember to pray for the guy/gal who ate my pizza and say a thank you for them and the sacrifices they have made!

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