Thursday, March 8, 2012

RAOK #8 - Teens Make A Difference Too!

If you read my earlier post here, you know that I am psyched that my oldest teenager and 7 of her friends have pledged to match their age in RAOK over the next month before their next small group meeting in April.

So as my RAOK back to them, I've designed a card especially for them to pass out.  It's edgy and fun and teenager-approved!  I hope they'll love using it and, more importantly, I hope it serves as a reminder to the older generations that teenagers can be great people too.  So often they get a bad "rap" and no doubt there are some who deserve it, but I know a lot of teenagers that are friends of my kids' (and including my kids!) that are growing up to be fine young men and women.  Let one of our RAOK be to encourage and mentor this next generation, not belittle and tear them down. 

Here is the full printable if you want to share with an inspired teenager!  Right click the image, save picture as (to a folder).  Then return to the image and print as a full page picture. 

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