Friday, March 23, 2012

RAOK #30 - College cutie care

This cute guy is not my son.  But I sort of feel like he's my son.  Because he's the son of one of my BFFs and his sister is one of my daughter's BFFs.  Confused much yet?

Jr. is one of those teenagers to whom I was referring in one of my earlier posts (here).  He's one of those young men that restores your faith in the future.  Not only is he totally nice but he's a responsible student, good citizen, and a Christian who lives out the faith.  He was co-valedictorian of his graduating class last year.  If you ask him who his best friend is, he will tell you without shame that his best friend is his dad.

The last two years, he was my life-saver. Every morning my daughter had to be transported to her private school a few miles down the road.  When the hubs traveled, that meant that I had to wake up the littlest one and drag her out to the car just to get the oldest to school.  It was a huge hassle and usually didn't result in a good start to the morning, especially if I had to take a warm delicious sleeping baby out of her warm delicious comfy bed and carry her out into a snow storm.  Not fun!

So for the days the hubs was gone, I started asking Jr. if he would swing a little out of his way to get my daughter.  He always did it willingly without complaint.  One time, the wires got crossed and he and his sister ended up at the school without my daughter.  He took an unexcused tardy and came back and got her because he's that responsible and didn't want to leave me hanging.  He even bailed us out as recently as his spring break from college a few weeks ago when our car was acting funny and he followed his dad and my daughter back to our house to make sure our new driver was safely home.

Jr. went off to college last fall to pharmacy school.  I'd been thinking about a way to thank him for all he did for me the last two years and I thought a little college care package might just do the trick (RAOK #30).  I remember being in college and looking forward to the letters and care packages from home, it always made me so happy! 

I started by grabbing all the good things I knew he'd love - Oreos, Little Debbie's, Red Bull . . . you know, the staples of a freshman's diet.  Then I brainstormed for other ideas and realized "What am I thinking?  BOYS want food... not magazines and trinkets!"  This stash should last him and his friends... what?.. about a good two days right?

Thanks, Jr., for all you did and I hope you are loving college.

Also, can't end the post without a shout out to his sister, Tia, who is really like one of my own kids!  She's a special young lady too and I didn't want to spark any sibling rivalry with this post... but her care package is waiting in my pantry :)

P.S.  The mom and I are taking resumes for available females for this prize of a guy, but just know the requirements for approval on dating him are more stringent than college admission!

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