Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RAOK #2 - Breakfast Bonanza

I dropped the kids off at school this morning, intent on starting my Random Acts of Kindness first thing!  I went through the drive thru at McDonald's for a little breakfast and got up to the window, where I paid for mine as well as the breakfast for the guy behind me in line!  I handed one of my RAOK cards to the cashier and asked her to give it to him when he got to the window.

WOW, did he have the BIGGEST grin on his face!  He started waving at me and I watched him through my rear view mirror and you could just tell, it made his day.  I could feel the excitement welling up inside of myself, wondering what would be different about his day now because I spent $2.79 on his breakfast. Who would he tell, how might he behave in a kinder or more thoughtful way because some stranger (strange? :)) chick bought his breakfast?

This mission I am on is more about teaching myself something than anything else, which is what it is like to be intentional about loving people and thinking about kindness in an active way.  But the side benefits of my mission are that if I touch the lives of 46 people, make their day a little brighter, or perhaps inspire someone to also be intentional about loving their neighbor, how could the world change one person at a time?

The cashier at McDonald's.  She's rocking a pretty cute grin too!!

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