Thursday, March 22, 2012

RAOK #29 - A T-shirt saves the world?

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an organization called "Sevenly" (  They have capitalized on a very simple and powerful marketing concept - they sell unique, one of a kind T-shirts and hoodies that are only available for one week.  $7 of each purchase goes towards their "cause of the week".

They haven't even been around for a year yet, but they have already raised over $300,000 for their various causes!!  I bought my first shirt several weeks ago ... then another week ... then another week.  I find I'm a bit addicted to them.  They change the cause every Monday at 1:00pm EDT and their causes are incredibly diverse.  The week I did RAOK #29, it was for a domestic violence shelter which touches me because women I am close to from more than one branch of my family have been affected by this and I also personally know some friends that have as well.  They raised $15,239 in one week for Sheltering Wings!

The shirt I bought for domestic violence.
NO, they are not!

CURE Childhood Cancer
This week's cause is for Clean Drinking Water in India.  Children are dying for lack of clean water and the money raised through this week's purchases will be used to drill three wells.

The dudes (and dudettes) at Sevenly have segregated their company's mission down into 7 major categories:  slavery, water, hunger, aid, poverty, medical and disaster.  The twist is that each cause only lasts one week and they only produce t-shirts to fulfill their orders.  Once a T is gone, it is gone.  Every shirt and hoodie is a limited edition design.  The design team is edgy and probably young, and the Tshirt and hoodie quality is dynamite. ... soft, very high quality, and wash well.  This is not your scratchy buy-for-$5-at-discount-store-and-slap-a-logo-on-it kind of shirt!

I highly encourage you to check out  When you get your goods in the mail, their packaging says "WHOA DANG.  Look at you changin' the world and stuff"


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