Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RAOK #33 - Picture this...with your tongue out.

I'm going to be in SO MUCH trouble when this post goes up!  Ah, what the heck though right? My family is so adorable... and sort of .. weird.  In a good way though.  If that's possible.  Anyway, they seem to have a thing for sticking out their tongues or making goofy faces when I take their pictures.  They're going up on the www with their tongues out and I say that serves them right for always being annoyed that I want to take their picture.

Despite their annoyance and reluctance, I know that someday they will be thankful that I was that freak-o mom who always had a camera with her.  I am already glad!  When I have gone to scrapbook all these moments we had together, I am SO aware of how much I would have forgotten if I hadn't captured it on film (first) or digitally.

Pretty much everyone has a camera these days. (Admit it, even if you don't carry a camera you probably have one on your phone!).  HOWEVER, what I have found to be true is that hardly anyone ever sends their pictures off to the relatives so they can enjoy them too.  Poor grandma and grandpa!

RAOK #33 is something I did for a family member and you can easily do too.  It will really add to the quality of life for your poor loved ones who never get to see pictures of your kids sticking out their tongues!  (Oh, sorry.  That was just me, wasn't it?)

Load those digital pictures up to an online site like Walgreens or Walmart then do a search for the zip code of your loved one.  Find the nearest location, then put grandma's name and address on the order.  You can be really nice and pay for it with a credit card but you don't have to.  Unless it is a huge order, they can pay for it when they pick it up!  It's sssssssoooooooo super easy and I can't tell you how happy it makes the grandparents to get new pictures of their grandkids to carry around and hang up.

Last note and I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! PPPPPPuuuhhhhLEASE... back up your pictures!  That means your iPhone, your digital camera, and your memory cards.  I know heartbreaking stories of people who lost all the baby pictures they took when their iPhone crashed, someone who lost a camera that had 6 months worth of photos on the memory card, and another person who lost the memory card itself (those things are so tiny!).  Take a minute RIGHT NOW AND GO DO IT.  And don't tell me you don't have time, you have time for Facebook and you're reading my dang blog right now!  So get off here (come back later though, ok?) and go back up your pictures.

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