Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ripple Effect Update

One of my dreams through this mission is to inspire other people to perform intentional acts of kindness to others around them.  I was very excited when I picked up my oldest daughter from school today (she is 16) and heard about the first "ripple effect" (that I know of, anyway) of my mission.  She goes to a private Christian school and once a month on Wednesday mornings they meet in small groups.  During their small group the discussion progressed into my "birthday mission" of doing 46 RAOK.  Apparently the group thought it was a great idea and they have each pledged to match their age in RAOK over the next month before their monthly meeting in April!!  How exciting is that?  Their ages are either 15, 16, or 17 and there are 8 girls, so this will equate into approximately 125 RAOK over the next month.  Sweet!  You go girls!!

If you are participating in any way in your own RAOK, let me know so I can encourage others through my blog!


  1. I love doing stuff like this... and when they say "thanks" you reply with a cheery "just pass it along". Last night I was in Kohl's and had a $10 coupon if I spent a certain amount in a specific department. I didn't find anything to meet the quota. While in the checkout the lady in front of me qualified so I slipped her the coupon... I wish I already would have printed my RAOK cards! And, I believe I made her night but more than that... I made mine. :) Keep it up friend!

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing!

  3. At Walmart, my hubby goes to take the groceries out while I wait inside because of the cold. He sees an elderly couple standing outside their car looking very worriedly at their tire. He notices its flat and comes in to tell me he's going to help them. The woman comes in and sits with me on the bench and we chat it up while Joe works on the flat tire. After quite a little bit the guys come in and say they finished. They explained that they didn't have much money and were about to spend almost all they had to call a tow truck so how much would we take for our help. Anyone who knows my hubby knows there's no way in the world he would have accepted anything from them. They practically begged him to take $20, but the appreciative smiles and looks of relief were all the payment he needed.