Thursday, March 15, 2012

RAOK #22 - Pennies From Heaven

This was a fun one!  It started out as a RAOK and turned in to a picnic for my family.  When I told the kids what I was doing, a couple of them wanted to come along . . . then one of the daughters thought we could pack a picnic with some leftover chicken we had.  Then, the hubby got in on the action and wanted to come too.  It was a gorgeous day here and it was great to go out and get some fresh air and sunshine!

Little kids love pennies!  Remember the excitement when you were little and you found a penny on the ground?  That was before you knew that quarters were even better, right? ;)

RAOK #21 was putting a big handful of pennies all over this playground for the kids to find this week.  I wish I could be there to see their excitement!!

I must insert an annoying "mom" disclaimer at this point, because, well you know, I'm a mom!  I put my pennies on a school playground, which means the kids would be K-6th grade.  If you want to do this RAOK, please don't put pennies on the part of the playground for toddlers, who would love to pick up a shiny penny and eat it! 

Part of my fam, enjoying a picnic in the beautiful weather!

We left pennies all over the place!  In nooks and crannies, on the ground, and in the slides!

The hubs and the girls.  He's the perfect blend of the ultimate male and a big kid at heart!

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