Thursday, March 8, 2012

RAOK #6 - Doggone Good Idea!

I must confess that I scoured the Internet to come up with enough ideas to complete my mission.  This particular RAOK was one that I would never have thought of on my own but someone else did.  So this Doggone Good Idea was not mine originally!

Our county has a no-kill animal shelter.  I'm not in the market for adopting a dog and I'm not even one who goes to visit these places because I usually end up weeping and walking out the door after looking at all those anxious faces longing for a home.

BUT... I can still help even if I am not adopting.  These shelters take donations of food!  I picked up a $5 bag of food at my local Wally-world (that's Walmart for those of you who didn't know).  I threw it into my trunk and then this morning I had about 10 extra minutes and was in the general vicinity so I stopped by.  I don't think the lady was too excited about me taking her picture but she was pretty happy while talking to my 5 year old and petting my adorable dog who goes everywhere in the car with me (weather permitting, of course).
REALLY didn't want to smile for my picture!

Speaking of my adorable dog, Samson, have you ever seen anything so cute... and sweet... and smart... and fluffy... and soft?  I'm completely off topic but I'm just in love with him!

OK, maybe I wasn't completely in love with him THIS DAY when he got totally muddy! But normally, I'm completely in love with him!


  1. That lady was smiling on the inside :) I'll smile for her :)